How Fidelity Machine Became Fidelity Manufacturing Group

In 2007, our four partners — Corey, Joe, Ryan, and Jeff — founded Fidelity Machine. As a group of friends and machinists by trade, they set out on a mission to create quality injection moulds. Since then, Fidelity has massively expanded its offerings, and built a company that runs on a strong work ethic and industry-leading expertise.

With our recent rebrand to Fidelity Manufacturing Group, it’s a great opportunity to trace our company’s journey to its current state: a team of highly skilled workers with a cutting-edge machine shop, a medical manufacturing division, and an abundance of meaningful partnerships.

Where It All Started

Fidelity’s early days involved a lot of hard work and countless learnings. With just a few machinists working in the back room of a shop, we had to develop innovative ways to deliver excellent results with limited resources.

Injection moulding was in high demand in the Calgary market and Fidelity’s client base quickly grew, along with our reputation. Ben joined the leadership team to help meet these ever-increasing demands. Our work got more complex, and we began transforming into the well-rounded company we are today.

Growth Across Industries

As an Alberta-based company, Fidelity thrived in the oil and gas industry — but our streamlined approach to manufacturing also translated seamlessly into the automotive, military, and medical sectors. Doors also opened with companies in the aerospace industry, who share similar requirements to oil and gas.

As we branched out, innovation became a central part of Fidelity’s identity. We added new machinery, explored new technologies, and created unique parts that our clients couldn’t source elsewhere. This dedication to innovative manufacturing allowed us to expand faster and further than ever before.

A New Space 

More machines and more team members created a clear need: more space. We outgrew our original four-bay setup, and required the extra room to increase our capacity for larger orders.

In 2022, Fidelity moved into a 43,000 square foot building. It has become a new source of innovation for the company, with two floors, 24 offices, and other additions like bridge cranes and dedicated bays for each type of machine. This state-of-the-art facility allows our team of experts to develop even more creative solutions for our clients.

Fidelity Machine becomes Fidelity Manufacturing Group

Along with the move, we rebranded to Fidelity Manufacturing Group to better represent our expanding capabilities. 

Our machine shop offers a complete suite of manufacturing capabilities with advanced EDM, CNC machining, mould making, and design and engineering services. This is where we make some of the most complex and high quality parts in Western Canada. 

Our new medical division focuses on the manufacturing of PPE and other medical products. Creating this distinct division has allowed us to leverage our new shop — along with our research and development capabilities — to adapt to the growing medical manufacturing industry. As a result, we now confidently work within the medical industry’s unique protocols and quality standards.

Looking Ahead

As Fidelity ventures into new terrain, we’ll continue to take on ambitious challenges and find new ways to deliver industry-best results. No matter how much we grow, that’s who we are: a versatile, forward thinking company that our customers can count on.

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