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As a trusted source in the medical manufacturing industry, we have proudly developed products for medical companies across Western Canada. We work to meet urgent deadlines, work within health regulated protocols, and provide quality assurance each step of the way.


From research and development to our full range of medical manufacturing equipment, Fidelity is paving the way in the medical manufacturing industry.

Research and Development

Research and development in medical manufacturing is a significant part of what we do at Fidelity.

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Face Masks

Our medical manufacturing equipment is up to Canadian standards and helps us to produce superior, three-ply face masks ready for medical use.

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Medical Manufacturing Solutions

The Fidelity medical manufacturing division creates high quality products with unmatched consistency.

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Years of experience in delivering high quality products to medical experts across Alberta

We’re a team that’s consistent in aligning our goals and working together to create products that help make a difference in the medical industry. Innovation is at our forefront as we dedicate ourselves to discovering new products and developing better solutions.

Medical Manufacturing Case Studies

See how Fidelity Medical Manufacturing problem solves and provides solutions with examples of our work in the medical industry.

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