Increasing Floor Tile Production with Innovative Solutions

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Increasing Floor Tile Production with Innovative Solutions

Whether it’s enhancing a garage floor or setting up portable flooring for a sporting event, modular flooring is a versatile option for many different types of applications. Swisstrax is a company that makes high performing modular floor tiles using injection moulding.

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Project Summary

In order to meet their quota for a specific project, Swisstrax was in search of a way to speed up their production and increase their manufacturing capacity. They got in touch with us as Fidelity to get help in developing a solution to double their production. 

Our team completed an analysis and came up with two possible solutions for updating their existing two cavity mould: 

  1. Build a four cavity mould that would allow for an increase in production, but would require upgraded equipment
  2. Redesign their existing two cavity moulds to incorporate new technologies and reduce cycle time from 90 seconds to 45 seconds - essentially cutting their cycle time in half and doubling their production

It was quickly decided that option two would be the better choice and Fidelity was commissioned to build the two cavity moulds. We built the tooling and were successful -  not only in meeting our original target of 45 seconds, but beating it by getting it down to almost 40 seconds.

Key Challenges

The major challenge that arose with this project was that we needed to consider scope each step of the way. 

For this type of project we usually see tool design and tool building as the only major elements within our scope. The part design and information on what will be needed for the injection is usually provided by the customer.

This particular project however, required us to take on the entire scope, including managing shifts in the project that came up as we went. We had to account for more time and resources in order to cover these extra responsibilities.

Provided Solutions

The key solutions that helped us to be successful in this project were:

  1. Using advanced and experimental materials
  2. Utilizing our expertise in design and optimizing the entire package
  3. Looking at the big picture rather than focusing on the individual mould 

Ultimately, it was our careful consideration of all aspects of the project that allowed us to come up with the best solution for achieving fast cycle times. Doing so meant we could address the  customer’s limitations while still utilizing their existing equipment. 

In the end we were able to reduce their costs, and put them on a more efficient path - not only for this project, but for many projects in the future.